What I do

I picture the world. Or rather: picture multiple worlds. It is a rhythm of perception, understanding and communication.



What fascinates me most about drawing is the feedback loop between mind, hand, image and eyes. Drawing becomes an extended form of thinking. This thinking process takes place between me and a sheet of paper.

Hand and Mind

To draw what one has seen or understood is a process of clarification: You choose something that seems relevant to you and solidify it in a picture. Learning to draw means to learn a new language: your own.



Programming is basically the design of rules. Within those rules a multitude of processes can occur. When you program you don’t think in a linear storyline but in frameworks that can generate storylines. The most important thing I have learned from programming is to think and interpret the world in systems.


One can create systems that generate images. Compared to the direct and intuitive movement of a pen on paper the creation of those structures and processes is rather cumbersome, rational and premeditated. And yet it fosters a language of visual systems.

Here, there and in between

Within Art I can do whatever I want to. The idea of this useful occupation with the useless liberates us from the constraints of utility.

Design is not Art sold out. To design means to care for the needs of others. It is a break from spinning around yourself.

It is exciting to explore the space between those two poles.

Kunst und Design



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